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Dutching Betting Strategy

Dutching is a betting strategy used to spread your stake across multiple selections in a single event to increase your chances of winning while managing risk. It is often employed in horse racing, football, and other sports betting. The goal of Dutching is to ensure a profit, no matter which of your selected outcomes wins. Here's how it works:

How Dutching Works

  1. Select Your Event: Choose the event you want to bet on. For example, a horse race with several horses competing.

  2. Identify Your Selections: Determine the selections (horses, teams, or outcomes) you believe have a chance of winning.

  3. Calculate Probabilities: Estimate the probability of each selected outcome winning. This can be based on your research, odds, or any other method you prefer.

  4. Determine Your Desired Profit: Decide how much profit you want to make from the bet. This will be your target profit.

  5. Calculate Stake for Each Selection: Use the following formula to calculate the stake to place on each selection:

    Stake = (Desired Profit / (Decimal Odds - 1))
    • Stake: The amount to bet on each selection.
    • Desired Profit: The profit you want to make from the bet.
    • Decimal Odds: The odds offered for each selection.
  6. Place Your Bets: Bet the calculated stake on each of your selected outcomes. Ensure that the total of your stakes on all selections is equal to your initial betting budget.

  7. Guaranteed Profit: Regardless of which selection wins, the strategy is designed to guarantee your desired profit if your initial probability assessments were accurate.


Let's illustrate Dutching with a simple example:

  • Event: Horse race with three horses - Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C.

  • Estimated Probabilities:

    • Horse A: 40%
    • Horse B: 30%
    • Horse C: 20%
  • Desired Profit: $100

  • Odds:

    • Horse A: 3.0
    • Horse B: 4.0
    • Horse C: 5.0

Now, we calculate the stakes for each horse using the Dutching formula:

  • Stake on Horse A: 100/(3.01)=100 / (3.0 - 1) = 50
  • Stake on Horse B: 100/(4.01)=100 / (4.0 - 1) = 33.33 (approximately)
  • Stake on Horse C: 100/(5.01)=100 / (5.0 - 1) = 25

You would then place these respective stakes on each horse. If any of the horses wins, you will achieve your desired profit of $100.

Advantages of Dutching

  • Risk Management: Dutching minimizes the risk by distributing your stake among multiple selections.
  • Consistent Profit: It provides a way to ensure a profit if your initial probability assessments are accurate.
  • Flexibility: You can adjust your stakes to target different levels of profit or manage risk as you see fit.


Dutching is a strategic approach to sports betting that allows bettors to manage risk and aim for consistent profits. By calculating stakes based on probabilities and desired profit, you can increase your chances of winning while minimizing potential losses. However, it's crucial to make accurate probability assessments for this strategy to be effective.